Effective LOWER BACK & KNEE Pain Treatment in Newington or Burwood

Whether you’ve injured yourself on the sports field, at work or around the house, nobody likes having to deal with pain. Often, it’s the smallest niggles that can cause the biggest issues in the long run. At Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions, we believe that it’s important to educate you about your injury to make sure you know your own limits and work with you to build up resilience through exercise and head towards recovery. If you’re experiencing knee pain, shoulder pain or lower back pain, contact the team at Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions for effective pain management solutions locally in Newington and Burwood.

As an alumnus of the University of Sydney’s esteemed physiotherapy program, the physiotherapists at Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions are highly experienced in providing clients with the most effective modern pain management advice and solutions. With a body of clients that includes players from prestigious sporting teams around Australia, our physiotherapists are trained to pinpoint the source of pain and create a treatment solution to help you manage your injury to ensure the optimal outcome. So, if you’re struggling to manage recurring back, or knee pain and let us help you get back to 100%. Book an appointment at one of our convenient locations in Burwood or Newington.

Working with your Lower Back and Knee Pains

When you choose Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions as your physiotherapist, you’ll be joining the hundreds of happy clients in Burwood and Newington who use our services every year to find effective long term solutions to sporting and work-related injuries. At Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions, we subscribe to the notion that the greatest wealth is your health, which is why we aim to help every one of our clients overcome pain and return to their best performance possible.

Whether you’ve experienced a knee injury playing rugby, a strain in your lower back from working a desk job or are experiencing shoulder pain while gardening at home, our team are qualified to perform a range of treatment methods such as soft tissue massage, dry needling, taping joint mobilisation and exercise to help you manage your pain. In addition, we’re dedicated to making sure you’re educated about your injury by providing you with honest and practical advice about your limitations to create the best results possible.

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